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Founded in 1997, Merrifield Preparatory School and College continues to grow in stature year by year and has established itself as the leading independent provider of pre-primary, preparatory and secondary education in the Buffalo City region.

Situated in a beautiful, secure outdoor setting, the wooden cabin-type classrooms and the natural environment create a wholesome backdrop for the vibrancy and enthusiasm so characteristic of the atmosphere of the school.

The school’s motto “Astra Petentes”, which means “Reach for the Stars”, is aimed at guiding our pupils to realise their full potential in all aspects of their lives. With limited class numbers, Merrifield offers excellent academic tuition, and places equal emphasis on academic, sporting, cultural, social and spiritual development.

Merrifield prides itself in offering a caring, nurturing and supportive school environment where the individual attributes of every child are recognised and celebrated. The school has over 600 pupils enrolled currently and caters for all grades from Grade 000 to Grade 12.

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Merrifield Sport 26 June 2017

Merrifield U9A hockey player Skylar Ganda chases the ball during a match against Lilyfontein at the Bunkers Hill Astro on Saturday Picture: TRACEY MANGOLD Merrifield Sport  DERBY 24 June: Merrifield Prep Derby vs [...]

Merrifield Sport 5 June 2017

HOCKEY 3 June: Merrifield College Hockey Derby vs Stirling. U14 Boys vs Stirling U14A, Merrifield won 3-1; U16 Boys vs Stirling U16B, Merrifield lost 0-1; U16A Girls vs Stirling U16A, Merrifield lost 2-5; U16B Girls [...]

Merrifield Sport 29 May 2017

The Merrifield U9 hockey team taking a breather between matches HOCKEY 20 May: Lilyfontein Derby: U10 Boys. Round 1 vs Hudson Park A, Merrifield B lost 2-0; Round 2: vs Dale B,. Merrifield [...]

Merrifield College brothers named Joint Players of the Year

Merrifield College students, and brothers, Joel and Luke Hanner shared the prize for the Underwater Hockey Player of the Year at the Border prizegiving recently. They leave for U19 World Championships with the South African [...]


Merrifield AGM takes place on 21 June 2017

AGM Agenda 21 June 2017

World Book Day 2017

The prep students dressed up today as their favourite literary characters in celebration of World Book Day.


BUY & SELL BAZAR Special thanks to all concerned for the generous donation of items and the commitment shown by Grade 3P Parents. The overwhelming support by the Merrifield Staff, especially office and pre-primary, helped [...]

Bridgebuilding and Aquilibrium Competition

BRIDGEBUILDING AND AQUILIBRIUM COMPETITION Two teams participated in both the Bridge Building and Aqualibrium competitions held by SAICE on Saturday 5 May. The Grade 12 team of Dietmar Edumisa Welz, Russell Schwedhelm and Jeffin Thomas, [...]

General Knowledge Whizz Kids

Congratulations to the Merrifield Grade 6 and 7 team who won the SACEE General Knowledge Quiz last night! They are, from left to right, Harshul Ranchhod, Yanda Sikuza, Ethan Epstein-Kay and Anesu Chimusoro.

Aquila take top honours at Inter-house Plays 2017

   The school was the scene of an addiction support group and several murders on Wednesday night, 29 March, – all, thankfully, theatrical, and evidence of a term spent on dedicated practice by the Drama [...]