Sports Results

20 February 2023


17-19 February: Merrifield hosted the Friendship Cup water polo tournament. We hosted both boys and girls teams in the 1st team and U15 age groups. Congratulations to Merrifield, who were the overall winners in the girls and boys section, as well as to all the teams that participated. The results were as follows:

Boys 1st team

  • vs Beaulieu: 3-6
  • vs Stirling 2nd: 8-2
  • vs Graeme: 11-1
  • vs Alex: 5-7
  • vs Stirling 2nd: 7-1

Girls 1st team

  • vs Beaulieu: 4-4
  • vs Clarendon 2nds: 7-8
  • vs Merrifield U15: 7-4
  • Final vs Clarendon 2nd: 5-3

U15 boys

  • Vs Graeme: 11-0
  • Vs Stirling: 3-3
  • Vs Alex: 12-1
  • Vs Graeme 1st: 7-2
  • Vs Stirling: 4-0

U15 Girls

  • vs Clarendon U15: 4-6
  • vs Clarendon U15
  • vs Clarendon 2nd: 3-7
  • vs Beaulieu 1st: 5-6
  • vs Merrifield 1st: 3-7
  • Final vs Clarendon U15: 5-2


  • 15 Feb: Merrifield seniors vs Hudson Park – Merrifield won and Noah Honey was named best speaker.
  • Merrifield Juniors vs Hudson Park- Merrifield won and Okuhle Nwelende was named best speaker.
  • 17 – 19 Feb: Merrifield debaters took part in the debating DSG debating festival over the weekend. We are very proud of our debaters for achieving the following results:
    • Seniors won all three debates, with Allyssa Joseph being named best speaker in each debate.
    • Juniors , won 1 lost 2, with Okuhle Nwelende being named best speaker twice.


  • Merrifield Prep B team vs Stirling Primary B team: 1-5


14 February: Merrifield U9’S vs Gonubie at Beaconhurst.

  • Gonubie: 16 runs and lost 7 wickets.
  • Merrifield: 23 runs and only lost 3 wickets.

Everyone had a good day in the field and the spirit was excellent.

Well done to the team you made Merrifield proud, not only on the field, but also the sportsmanship you showed to your opponents and the respect for the teachers and coaches.