Across all grades, from Grade 000 to Matric, Merrifield understands that quality teaching staff is the key to a successful school and the only way to bring out the best in the students who attend classes. The teaching staff complement is made up of experts from various teaching areas and all are highly committed to upholding the overall ethos of the school.

The learning process receives constant evaluation and staff development is a priority. As the number of pupils increase, the size of the teaching staff has also grown and a number of new teachers were welcomed in 2020.

Executive Head and College Head:  Dr Guy Hartley

College Deputy Head (Academic Co-ordinator): Bridget Fielding

Preparatory School Head: Debbie Lacey

College Secretary:  Sally van der Walt

College co-ordinator (Staff/Students): Emilie Rautenbach

College Management Team (CMT): Dr Guy Hartley, Emilie Rautenbach, Bridget Fielding and Gareth van Harmelen

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