Merrifield College means different things to different people.  For the young people who have been at Merrifield in the prep school, it is a continuation of their experiences as Merrifield pupils.  For those pupils entering the College at the Grade 8 level, it is the beginning of schooling that may be different in a number of ways.  For teachers it offers opportunities to embrace and promote new teaching ideologies, methods and technologies and to play a part in an evolving school.

From Grade 8 the increase from two to three classes per grade offers pupils a wider range of social interactions and allows us to compete at a higher level with other schools across a range of sporting and cultural activities.

While achieving the best academic results that a pupil is capable of is an important component of Merrifield’s academic curriculum, education at Merrifield goes well beyond the academic curriculum.  Our pupils are encouraged to become enquiring, critical thinkers with these skills being developed both in formal classroom situations and in the numerous extra-curricular activities available.  There is a wealth of opportunity for every pupil to stretch and grow themselves by participating in activities such as public speaking, debating, music, art, drama, sport and outreach. The pupils who immerse themselves in all that Merrifield has to offer are able to go out into the world as more confident, well rounded individuals.

Merrifield also strives to instil sound ethical and moral values as well as the values of community, empathy, respect and care for others.  These values are developed from both daily, personal interactions at school and from the numerous opportunities available for pupils to involve themselves in community service and outreach.

We hope that we are a school where all feel encouraged to strive for their dreams, whatever they may be. – Bridget Fielding, College Deputy Head