Being ‘Green’ at Merrifield is a genuine priority, with a view to teaching students about the importance of conserving the environment around them.

Hopefully, Merrifield students will take their knowledge and put it to good use changing the world around them and preserving the world in their own way, for the benefit of future generations. Merrifield Eco encompasses a wide range of portfolios and areas where we see ourselves leading change.

In 2019 Merrifield received the Platinum Year 4 Eco Schools certificate, recognising the five Eco Schools themes and a Diamond Decade in eco awareness, having participated in the Wessa Eco Schools programme for 10 years. 

While there are eco clubs on campus, a Junior Eco Club, an Eco Club for Grade 6s and Grade 7s, and a College Eco Club, from 2020 going forward a team of teachers have formed The Green Team as a powerful top-down agent of change. The ideas and initiatives implemented and driven by the Green Team, comprised of teachers from pre-primary through to college, will stay true to the Green Team vision: to work together at a grassroots level to create a sustainable Eco Ethos at Merrifield.

The Green Team vision is focused on the idea of “DO ONE THING.” This vision sees all members zoning in on ONE core goal that they would personally like to see achieved. This goal is separate to the roles we will play in each of our portfolios. It was so exciting to sit and share our goals and know that we can all support each other in achieving these in one year.

Goals include:

  • Get all the Grade 10s to plant Spekboom either through a school project or other.
  • Refresh and revitalise the on-campus Merrifield Recycling Centre
  • To discontinue the buying and use of the ice lollies for sports fixtures. To find a suitable Eco-friendly replacement.
  • To give educational talks to parents and teachers about recycling and how to engage in the Eco systems at school.
  • To work with the estate management team on initiating a water management system on the school campus.
  • To lead on getting the Grade 9s to actively engage in community animal welfare projects in East London.
  • To initiate Eco Brick stations in every Intermediate Phase classroom.
  • To create a visually stimulating recycling area outside the Prep bathrooms with monkey-proof bins.
  • To empower our Youth to lead the change within their grades. Find opportunities to work closely with Youth leadership and Grade Heads in creating inspiring opportunities to lead the change. To see the young people in our school feel passionate enough to decisively make changes for the greater good.
  • To set up a system of paper recycling in the Pre-Primary to make good use of the large amounts of paper generated in this phase of schooling.