What a different year this has been. Schooling online, at home, required innovative, creative thought for this freshly developed project based, collaborative learning programme that is iCreate. A forced closed door to what became an exciting space, was met with my disappointment and perplexed reactions. I mean…How does one expect parents to oversee their children’s iCreate learning?

However, I am pleased to now report a different story. I’m grateful for the challenges online posed, as I truly had to plumb depths of creative education and grow my technology skills that have brought reward and enthusiasm from students and parents alike. We dove into Google Classroom, Zoom lessons and “regular home supplies” for projects! And the results were fabulous. All praise to parents and students for taking on the challenge. Submissions blew me away time and again. Enthusiasm to learn never waned and creative, engineering skills of parents surfaced time and again as their children were guided by them in tandem with my lessons.

Needless to say, the iCreate programme has only grown through this challenging year and mention is also made of Sparkle stories that became my weekly video signature- pushing my creative skills!

So…2020, take that! You disheartened us in many ways, but you will never crush creativity and curiosity! – Di Bossé, iCreate