Despite blustery and cold conditions, Merrifield Prep students enjoyed a successful Interhouse Athletics day on the school’s Northern Campus Sports Precinct and Astro on 27 October.
Congratulations to all the winners, all who participated, and thank you to the staff who made the day happen. A special mention goes to Isobel Louw who retires at the end of 2021, and a massive thank you to her for her many years of service to Merrifield athletics.
Boys 7 winner: Alyamaan Asholi
Boys 7 runner up: Miguel Conde-Denison
Girls 7 winner: Skyla Holmes
Girls 7 runner up: Hadassah-Rose King
Boys 8 winner: Rory van der Vyfer
Boys 8 runner up: Andrew Rich
Girls 8 winner: Yoliswa Poswa
Girls 8 runner up: Zinathi Rwicila
Boys 9 winner: Caleb Giese
Boys 9 runner up: Azobear Asholi
Girls 9 winner: Michaela Webb
Girls 9 runner up: Amahle Ndzimela
Boys 10 winner: Mange Shweni
Boys 10 runner up: Umar Abbas
Girls 10 winner: Gabriella Stephen
Girls 10 runner up: Thayanda Makinana
Boys 11 winner: Mnqobi Dlambewu
Boys 11 runner up: Likhusele Nogaga
Girls 11 winner: Jessica Davies
Girls 11 runner up: Yolula September
Boys 12 winner: Adam Brown
Boys 12 runner up: Matthew Phillips
Girls 12 winner: Ambesa Jacob
Girls 12 runner up: Zhiqi Chen
Boys 13 winner: Qhawe Madikizela
Boys 13 runner up: Linamandla Sirhamza
Girls 13 winner: Tiara Keen
Girls 13 runner up: Daniella Webb
Boys 14 winner: Gugu Mxenge
Boys 14 runner up: Ngqwala Pasiya
Girls 14 winner: Tess Waterson
Girls 14 runner up: Hlulani Maluleke
Best Foundation phase boy athlete: Caleb Giese
Best Foundation phase girl athlete: Michaela Webb
Victor Ludorum: Qhawe Madikizela
Victrix Ludorum: Tiara Keen
House points: Aquila: 184 vs Orion: 246