Merrifield Outreach is aimed at giving students the platform and opportunity o reach out into their communities around them. By helping others, students learn empathy and that what they do, no matter how small, matters.

In 2021, formal Outreach programs were limited by covid restrictions but caring for others was not restricted at all.

The Prep Can Can initiative, where students bought a can of food each Thursday to distribute to a feeding scheme in Nompumelelo, was a weekly staple.

Adhoc Outreach initiatives, such as Slipper Day for Choc and civvies days for Reach for a Dream, helped raise much needed funds for these worthy organisations.

To celebrate Mandela Day, POP in the college partnered with African Angels in Chintsa East to highlight the need for dignity around the monthly cycles of high school students, encouraging students to donate period packs that empower girl students to continue attending school.

Another Mandela Day initiative was the collection of care packages for healthcare workers in East London battling the Covid-19 pandemic, now in its third wave.

Merrifield also donated stationery to the East London Child and Youth Care Centre in Summit Road as part of a Mandela Day “drive and donate”, aligning with former president Nelson Mandela’s high value he placed on the power of Education to change the world.

When South Africa, particularly Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal, experienced unprecedented unrest in July 2021 – resulting in food shortages, Merrifield donated basic foodstuffs to contribute to a broader food drive that was transported to affected areas.

Merrifield will continue Outreach projects, both formal and ad hoc, indefinitely as these initiatives underpin the school’s philosophy of educating the whole child.