Merrifield Outreach teams are involved in a range of projects for example, building reading strategies with the Grade 3 learners in Nompumelelo, sharing computer literacy skills with the Sakhikamva High School students, visiting the elderly residents in frail care at Kennersley Park, and spending time with children battling cancer at Frere Hospital. We believe that community education is an imperative component of a holistic education and asked our teams to contribute their reflections on their involvement:

“The highlight for me, especially in the groups I work with, is seeing the children participate, even though they struggle, get a round of applause from all of us. The joy that appears on their faces makes my day. And what makes it even better is that they motivate each other and challenge their friends to experience that same feeling. I think that’s absolutely beautiful.” – Mitchelle Basin – Reading Revolution Project

“When we help the elderly, even if it’s playing a simple game of bingo with them, it’s our presence that really means the world to them.”¬† Colby Weiss – Enriching Elders Project

“Outreach has been another tangible way I can see a tangible difference being made, I’m really hopeful because of the smile were are able to put on people’s faces through something as simple as putting some time aside for them.” – Danah Clarke, Enriching Elders and Vital Visits Projects

“To me Outreach means giving back to those in need and knowing I am making a small difference in someone’s life.”¬† – Lara Jonas, Enriching Elders and Vital Visits Projects. Report: Emilie Rautenbach