Prep Computer Lab

A state-of-the-art computer lab for the use of Preparatory School students.

Our new lab boasts Intel i5 CPUs all with 8gb RAM. Accessing the web through a 500 megabit per second fibre line, all facilitated by a gigabit network and protected a state-of-the-art Fortigate firewall.

The fully-equipped lab features new state-of-the-art PCs and is located in the heart of the prep campus, next to the IT department. The desks were custom-made to give each student their own space to work and allow the computer teacher to see all the monitors for their desk.

With our increased number of desktop computers, the College Geography students are also able to leverage the power of the new lab to run geographic information system applications. Allowing them to complete projects using GIS software gives our students experience with professional tools.

In our new computer lab, our students will be able to learn new computer skills such as coding and robotics and improve their existing computer literacy skills. This new lab will be a great asset in preparing the children for the ever-changing landscape of technology.

Furthermore, in the afternoon, the lab is used to teach computer literacy skills to underprivileged high school students as part of our Ntinga Ntaka initiative with Sakhikamva High School.

We trust it will inspire many to be significant contributors in Computer Science.