Merrifield Prep has seen substantial growth over the last few years and can be viewed as the heartbeat of the school as a whole.

The prep is alive with activity and filled with the sounds of happy, motivated children who love being at school under the guidance of a dedicated staff strongly committed to the development and well-being of all the prep students.

Merrifield Prep provides strong educational foundations for students to achieve at high school level.   While repetitive learning, reinforcement and consolidation are hallmarks of primary education, students are stretched with problem-solving and the development of analytical thinking skills is encouraged from an early age.

Particular importance is attached to Maths and English in these formative years and the primary results are certainly of a high standard.  Progress is monitored by benchmarking in competitions like AMESA, World Maths Day, SACEE and in terms of common,   standardized tests such as the International Benchmarking Tests and the IEB Core Skills Tests at the Grade 3 and 6 levels.

Merrifield Prep students are performing above the average mean in these standardised tests at both national and international level signifying that we are offering a top-class prep education.