Congratulations to Merrifield Prep School Grade 5 student Oliver (Ollie) Hobson who has achieved his Leaping Wolf qualification at Cubs. There are three wolf badges that a Cub may earn – Silver, Gold and Leaping Wolf (LW). The LW is the highest level of advancement a Cub can reach, and not many put in the effort to achieve the badge. It requires that the Cub work on different projects on their own time after they turn 10. They must complete all the challenges and write a log book that is submitted before they turn 11 years old. It is the only badge earned as a Cub that may be worn on their Scout uniform, for those who continue up to Scouts. The Leaping Wolf badge is awarded by the Chief Scout of Scouts South Africa – a very worthy achievement.
Ollie earned all 3 wolf badges: Silver, Gold and LW. He was a Sixer, in Cub parlance that is leader of a group of Cubs, and eventually ending his Cub career as a Senior Sixer, a Cub who is exceptional and a shows outstanding character and leadership traits.
Tasks to be completed in order to earn the Leaping Wolf:
* Complete the Gold Wolf Outdoor Challenge.
* Plan and carry out a planting project at your Scout Hall or in your community, OR earn the Food for Life badge. Present your task to the rest of the Pack.
* Make a knotting display showing all ten knots you have learnt. Present your knotting board to the rest of the Pack.
* Undertake a personal challenge in connection with your school or home or social life.Present your task to the rest of the Pack.
* Find out about a technology of your choice. Understand its basic functions, how it is used and a brief history. Present your findings to the rest of the Pack.
* Find out about a global issue such as poverty, conservation or water and sanitation and what you can do to help. Present your task to the rest of the Pack.
* Complete a log book recording your Leaping Wolf Challenge
* Earn the First Aid and Health interest badge and any two of the Cub Interest Badges below:
* Civil Emergency
* Hiking
* Linguist
* Outdoorsman
* Religion and Life
* World Friendship
* World Scout Environment
Ollie choose to do the Hiking and Outdoorsman Interest Badges as his LW electives.
Well done Ollie!