On the weekend of 16/17 October, a group of 22 Merrifield students, new recruits of the Award scheme, went on the Adventurous Journey as part of the President’s Award.  There were 11 students Gr9s doing the bronze award.  These students covered 18 km walking in the area surrounding the Wriggleswade Dam and spent 2 hours paddling on the near empty dam.  They completed their activities on the Saturday while the 11 silver awards participants continued through until Sunday.  This “silver” group cycled on the adjacent farm roads covering a distance of 36km, they walked 24 km and paddle on the dam for 5 hours.

It was a demanding course but the spirit of comradery was evident as were the numerous memories that were made over the weekend.  A support group of 6 Gr10 students gave support to their peers having completed this aspect of the Award scheme previously.