Merrifield College

Merrifield College has different meanings to different people. For prep school students, it’s a continuation of their education. For Grade 8 students, it’s the beginning of a potentially different school experience. Teachers have opportunities to embrace new teaching methods and technologies and be part of an evolving school.

Academic Excellence and Holistic Education

Merrifield College is renowned for its rigorous academic environment and exceptional educational facilities. However, education at Merrifield goes beyond academics. The school believes in educating the whole child, where academic studies, sports, spirituality, culture, and community service are vital components of a well-rounded education. Merrifield values the individuality and distinctive learning styles of every child, providing close personal attention and committing to small class sizes.

Strong Ethical and Moral Values

Merrifield College believes in instilling sound ethical and moral values, as well as the values of community, empathy, respect, and care for others. These values are developed through daily, personal interactions at school and through numerous opportunities available for students to involve themselves in community service and outreach. The school encourages a vibrant leadership that is decisive while being compassionate, democratic, and tolerant. By fostering these values, Merrifield College prepares students for a culturally diverse, democratic society, and helps them become responsible citizens with a social conscience.

A Wide Range of Opportunities

At Merrifield, students have access to a wide range of opportunities that allow them to explore their interests and passions. The school offers a single educational experience on one campus, from pre-primary to matric. From Grade 8, the school offers a wider range of social interactions, allowing students to compete at a higher level with other schools across a range of sporting and cultural activities. Students can participate in a variety of activities such as public speaking, debating, music, art, drama, sports, and outreach. By immersing themselves in all that Merrifield has to offer, students are able to develop into confident, well-rounded individuals.

100% Pass rate in the IEB Examinations

99% Bachelor's Degree Pass Rate