Merrifield College Disciplinary Code and School Rules

Merrifield believes that the foundation of discipline is respect. The school fully supports the principles of fair discipline and the consistent application of appropriate disciplinary measures where necessary. This procedure and code for students indicates the broad standards of behaviour that are expected of all students at the school and encourages a responsible and self-disciplined approach by students themselves.

It is the objective at Merrifield to preserve high morals and to maintain a standard of conduct that is acceptable to the broad community. This code is intended to build a community that is self-disciplined, hard-working, morally upright, and respectful of one another. It defines what is meant by acceptable and unacceptable behaviour and describes the steps which will be taken in the event of any student overstepping these limits. The code will be reviewed and amended as appropriate on an annual basis.

Please note that this school code has been based on and needs to be read in conjunction with the ISASA disciplinary code (generated under legal advice), which serves as a guide in meting out appropriate forms of disciplinary action to cover a range of circumstances and eventualities (copies for perusal may be obtained from reception).

For the full Merrifield College Disciplinary Code and School Rules please read our College Handbook.