College Art, Music, and Culture

Merrifield’s Music and Drama program is thriving! With its Cultural Block now fully operational, the students, ranging from Pre-Primary to College level, have the wonderful opportunity to immerse themselves in the wide range of cultural activities on offer.

Merrifield prides itself on the fact that the arts are celebrated at our school, contributing to a well-rounded student.


Our school is proud of our exceptional student thespians, taking to the Guild Theatre stage in August with “Matilda – The Musical”. And in 2022 our drama department put on a brilliant rendition of Antigone.


Music is woven into our curriculum from pre-primary all the way through to grade 9. There after students are able to continue with it as an external subject. Apart from our highly skilled internal music teachers, we provide students with access to private music lessons. Allowing them to specialize in their respective instruments. The reputation of our music department at Merrifield is preceded by the of our talented Marimba Band, ranking as one of South Africa’s best. Our music students consistently excel at eisteddfods and Trinity College of London Music and Drama examinations. Extra murals, such as our jazz band, give talented students the opportunity to practice their skills.


Art is an integral part of the Merrifield student experience. Students are exposed to all forms and expression of art from pre-primary to Grade 9, and then students have the option to take Art as an academic subject through to Grade 12. Many of our students are frequently awarded gold and silver in exhibitions, while our matric students score top marks with their groundbreaking and thought-provoking final pieces.