College Uniform

Dress code and general appearance

Our school uniform is an outward expression of the values of our school community. It is one way to show that we belong together. In recognition of innovation, our uniform prioritises practicality and comfort. In recognition of diversity, it aims to provide choices to individuals. In recognition of excellence, we aim to look our best and represent our school well.

The dress and appearance codes still apply during examination periods, including the Matric final examinations. On exceptionally hot days, the principal may allow students to wear cooler sports uniform.

Any queries will be resolved on an individual basis by the College Management Team. Individuals may apply for adaptations to the code on the grounds of strong personal, religious, or cultural commitments or requirements.

Uniform List

  • Black school shoes
  • Navy Merrifield blazer
    (only required for formal events, including assemblies in winter terms)
  • Merrifield school tie
    (worn with shirts and not blouses – generally required on formal occasions)
  • Long sleeve, navy Merrifield school jersey
  • White Merrifield short sleeve shirt
    (worn tucked in)
  • White Merrifield short sleeve blouse
    (worn untucked with skirt; tucked or untucked with trousers)
  • Long beige trousers
    (with standard black belt with plain silver buckle)
  • Merrifield checked white and blue skirt (worn with blouse only)
  • Navy or black socks
    (with long beige trousers)
  • Short white socks or navy stockings
    (with checked white and blue skirt)
  • Navy Merrifield waterproof jacket
  • Long sleeve, white Merrifield jersey
    (Grade 12 only)



  • Natural look: limited gel
  • Natural dyes: any natural hair colour
  • Neat and practical: hair secured away from face and tied back
  • Fringes to be kept out of the eyes
  • Only navy, black, silver, white and clear hair accessories are allowed
  • No facial hair – clean shaven unless applied for individually for strong personal, cultural, or religious reasons


  • Should be short
  • Only clear nail varnish allowed


  • No rings or bracelets (except medic alert bracelets) allowed
  • Silver or gold chains/necklaces may be worn but must be beneath the shirts or blouses – they may
    not be visible
  • No jewellery for piercing allowed except earrings
  • A maximum of 3 smaller, plain silver or gold studs or sleepers allowed in each ear
  • No make-up allowed – except for a light concealer

Sports Uniform


  • Merrifield tracksuit
  • Merrifield navy sports shirt
  • Merrifield navy sports shorts
  • Merrifield navy sports skirts
  • Black or navy skins/leggings (optional – with sports skirts/shorts)
  • Short white socks (for tennis, squash, netball)
  • Long navy socks with 2 white stripes (hockey,


  • Merrifield navy shirt or white plain shirt
  • Merrifield navy sports shorts
  • Merrifield navy sports skirts
  • Black or navy skins/leggings (optional – with sports skirts/shorts)

School uniform available from


Strand Outfitters Vincent

Strand Outfitters Oxford Street

Merrifield Clothing Exchange