School Fees

School Fees 2024

The Board of Governors has set the below fee structure for 2024.

(in Advance)
(in Advance)
Annually paid in Advance
(Amount 5% Discount Applied)
000, 00, RR4 160R12 480R47 424
Gr 1R6 970R20 910R79 458
Gr 2R7 090R21 270R80 826
Gr 3R7 230R21 690R82 422
Gr 4R7 400R22 200R84 360
Gr 5R7 670R23 010R87 438
Gr 6R8 100R24 300R92 340
Gr 7R8 350R25 050R95 190
Gr 8R9 650R28 950R110 010
Gr 9R9 850R29 550R112 290
Gr 10R10 120R30 360R115 368
Gr 11R10 370R31 110R118 218
Gr 12R11 150R33 450R127 110
Merrifield School Fee Structure 2024

Please note:

  • School fees are payable in advance.
  • An administration fee of R200 will be charged on returned debit orders.
  • A cash deposit fee of 3.5% will be levied when payment is made in cash.
  • Fees paid by 31 December 2023 are eligible for a 5% annual discount.


A fully refundable debenture, excluding interest, of R16 000 is payable upon acceptance to the School for students in grades 1-12. For families with two or more children in grades 1-12 a maximum of R24 000 is required per family.

For pupils in the pre-primary grades (grades 000, 00 and R) a non-refundable deposit of R5000 is payable upon acceptance to the school. This amount will then be offset against the fully refundable R16 000 debenture payable when the pupil enters grade 1. Thus, on entry to grade 1, R11 000 will be payable towards the prep debenture – the amount will be due by 31 August of the year prior to the child entering grade 1. Pupils who are withdrawn from the school before entering grade 1 will forfeit the pre-school deposit. For families with two or more children in pre-school, a maximum deposit of R7 500 is required.

Should a parent wish to terminate the Learner’s enrolment at the School, they shall be obliged to give the school a full term’s notice in writing or one term’s fees in lieu of such notice, together with any other amounts due to the School. A full term is reckoned from the first teaching day of the term at the end of which the termination is to take effect.

The debenture system is utilized to fund existing and ongoing capital development.

Application Fee

All applicants are required to submit a non-refundable application fee (paid on submission of completed application form). Should a pupil be accepted, an additional non-refundable enrolment fee is payable.

Pre-Primary (Gr 000 to Gr R)Prep and College (Gr 1 – Gr 12)
Application FeeR200R500
Enrolment FeeR800R500

Banking Details

Account NameMerrifield Prep School and College
Bank NameABSA
Branch NameBusiness Banking EL
Branch Code632 005
Account Number408 787 7002
Account TypeCurrent
ReferenceChild’s full name
Proof of