Welcome from the Executive Head

Welcome to Merrifield Preparatory School and College

On behalf of Merrifield, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you to a vibrant, dynamic school that continues to entrench its credentials and reputation year on year. Merrifield is defined firstly by its commitment to academics in offering a rigorous learning environment based on quality education. The school has established itself as the leading independent provider of pre-primary, preparatory and secondary education in the Buffalo City region. Based on small classes, personal attention, passion for teaching and learning, and a quality IEB curriculum, the academic focus at Merrifield is no doubt the source of the school’s success as a thriving educational community.

In addition, Merrifield is characterized by the holistic objective of nurturing well-rounded, balanced and socially-conscious students. Through a co-curricular programme across a diverse range of activities in community engagement, sport, culture and the environment, the school encourages the personal growth and overall development of each of our students. Not only are our students inspired to foster attitudes of individual curiosity, personal creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit, but more widely they are encouraged to cultivate a social conscience, values of compassionate and tolerant leadership, and the ideals of responsible, democratic citizenship.

There is no doubt in my mind that Merrifield is offering something unique and special in education. I trust that within the pages of this website you will experience something of this vitality, fresh spirit, care and passion for education which permeates our campus. It is our hope that you will be inspired by our school’s ethos and vision and that your child, too, will have the opportunity to “Reach for the Stars” in such a nurturing environment.

Best regards
Dr Guy Hartley
Executive Head